New Orleans Bathroom Updates For A Quick Sale

Keep it Affordable

Fixing up a tired bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank.  Homes in the Lakeview Area of New Orleans, LA quite often have tight space, but lots of character.  It is a city of color palettes, so do not fear bringing those bright colors into the bathroom area when you are ready to sell your home. Buyers will take notice of an updated bathroom.

A little paint, updated fixtures, smart storage solutions and wall treatments can go a long way.  Add some character to mirrors and windows at an affordable price to get the most bang for your buck.


Many will use accessories to add color and pop to a small space, the bathroom should be no different.  Consider using mirror features on a
medicine cabinet, and wall outlets for that luxe look.

Oiled rubbed bronze finishes are very popular in homes now, and many accessories are available in this finish.  It gives an elegant, sometimes even industrial look to any space.  You can use stand alone items in many finishes such as towel racks, toilet paper holders and toothbrush holders to decorate your vanity.

Update the Counter Top’s

Many of the Lakeview Homes have laminate or tiled countertops.  Some are already colorful, some need updating.  If faced with a dull countertop, consider adding a stone slab, or terra cotta tiles.  When working in a small sized bathroom, it will not be overly expensive for a piece of granite, or faux granite to cover the counter top.  Using a material with flecks of gold and/or silver will add sparkle.  Remember, in New Orleans Homes there is no need to fear “color”.

Refurbish an Old Tub or Shower

Many outdated tubs and showers can now be fitted with overlays.  These is done by a professional, and when installed properly will not leak.  When working with tubs and shower overlays, white or cream is the way to go. Older tubs can also be glazed over by a professional, but that is a more expensive process.

If you decide to tile over an existing tub or shower, remember you can use colorful tiles to update the space.  A good DIYer can install tiles on their own to keep the cost down.  Always use caulk at the joints and seams to resist any water leaking against the walls.

Flooring & Walls

When working with wood floors, consider painting them a glossy porch paint to match your bathrooms color scheme.  If you plan to bust up existing tile and replacing with new tiles, using smaller blocks will make a small bathroom feel bigger.  There are also many varieties of laminate flooring made to look like wood planks, ceramic tiles and smooth services to choose from.  Laminate is a cost effective and durable choice in flooring.

orangewallWalls are an easy update with color.  Remember, New Orleans is famous for brightly colored walls.  Orange is the new black, and considered a neutral now, so be daring and freshen up the tired old walls with color.

Let The Light In

Most Lakeview Homes come with bathrooms that have operable windows. Use this as another place to add color with handmade roman shades, or painted plantation shutters.  You can install louvered interior shutters to provide privacy and direct streams of sunlight.  If the window sills are worn, touch them up with a fresh coat of paint.  Maintain the ability to open and close the windows, as small spaces need fresh air.

Another lighting option is to hang a small chandelier over the bath tub orchandelier center of the room.  Make sure you have GFCI’s installed, and use a licensed electrician for any electrical updates you decide to go with.

If Short on Space

barnslidingdoorIf space does not allow for a hinged door, install a sliding type barn door. These space savers are easy to install and slide on a wall-mount track system.

You can save valuable real estate by rolling towels and placing them in open cabinets under your sink, or in a basket near the tub. Keep your color scheme all the way through with your linens.








Is Searching for Vacant Land Different Than Homes?

This is an excellent question and the answer is that yes, it is the factors that you take into consideration are entirely different. First, you need to decide why you are buying the land. Do you want to build a home on it? If yes, you have to make sure that state regulation allows you to build a house there. Some people buy vacant land as long term investments this is an excellent way to go since land is limited and its value always appreciates. There are several steps that you should carry out when searching the internet for land for sale:

Look at price per acre

This is very important because it helps you determine whether you can afford the land and if you can, how much of it you can buy. Price is determined mostly by location if you buy close to the city you will definitely pay more. If you don’t have a lot of money you should be looking to buy outside the city.

Review the lots size

You obviously want to know how much land you are buying so to get exact dimensions you should hire a surveyor to come in and do the measurements.

Review lot location

The location is very important as we have said it determines the cost of the land. There are, however, additional factors that you should look at depending on what you plan to do with the land. If you plan to build a house the land should be located close to the power grid and it should have a water source as well as a septic facility. If you will be farming the land water is very important.

Road frontage

This is access to the lot in case you want to build if there isn’t enough room for equipment and vehicles to get to the parcel you will have a very hard time during construction.

What is the best way to search for land for sale?

land for saleThe best way is to find a real estate broker who has experience in land the fact that one knows how to sell homes doesn’t mean that they will be any good at helping you find a good parcel of land to buy. Like with buying a home, it helps if you have an idea where you would like your land to be located. Drive around before you make up your mind and see what is available. List the pros and cons of each location on your shortlist this is an expensive investment and you would not like to rush into a decision.  When searching for land for sale, its important to use the right property search.  The best property searches contain all real estate listings by all real estate brokers and have those listings SEO’d properly.
Once you let your real estate agent know the general location, the size and how much you are willing to spend he will then go out and try to find you a lot that meets your needs. He will get you several options so that you can choose for yourself. Compare each offer to see what the best deal is. Negotiate on the buying price sellers are always willing to lower the price so long as you don’t ask them for too much.

Other Tips For Buying Vacant Land

When You Think New Orleans Real Estate Think Lakeview

lakeview new orleans
If you are looking to buy a home in New Orleans there is no better place to make your purchase than Lakeview.  Lakeview has a very long and prominent history.  This neighborhood was started in the early 1900’s and since then Lakeview real estate has continued to grow.  That is not to mean that it is crowded – on the contrary, every home is designed to ensure that owners have privacy and enough space around their homes. Lakewood was badly affected by Hurricane Katrina when several levees broke and flooded the area but today, you would never guess that it took as much damage as it did. This goes to show how a determined community can overcome devastation and rebuild their homes and their businesses if they come together.

Lakeview Today

According to Kathy Marshall who works for Engel & Volkers real Estate, “Everything in Lakeview has come back even better than before. Lakeview has come back with new construction, newer homes, everything is updated. Another key element in the resurgence of Lakeview is the increasing number of new businesses that have opened in the area in addition to those that have returned after Katrina. The businesses on Harrison Avenue are all back up.”

Homes in Lakeview

Most homes in Lakeview before Katrina were cottages, but since the rebuilding began you will find a variety of architectural designs – you will definitely find something to your taste. If you look up Lakeview homes for sale you will find that most homes will sell for anything between $200,000 and $1.5 million depending on size and architecture, and interest rates are low right now. A lot homes in these area also come with a pool. Anyone who is looking to buy a home in Lakeview is encouraged to move fast – homes have multiple offers on them, some of them as many as 5 or 6.

Lakeview Amenities

The other great thing about Lakeview is that you have everything conveniently located. There are many wonderful restaurants that serve all kinds of dishes including southern food, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and more. Cava is a cajun/creole restaurant that gets high ratings.  Lakeview Burgers and Seafood is  also a local favorite. Click for a list of some other Lakeview restaurants. For shopping you can head over to Harrison Avenue which is the main shopping district. Coffee shops and other businesses dot the neighborhood.

If you are an outdoors person you will love Lakeview – there are many parks and biking trains that will keep you occupied for hours. You will have company too – there are joggers, runners and cyclists out all the time. In case you are wondering, this neighborhood is perfect to bringing up a family – many already live there, and it is quite and safe for children. There are both private and public schools in close proximity to Lakeview. If you live with an elderly parent or relative you will be happy to know that there are several excellent, affordable assisted living facilities in the neighborhood.

Real Estate in Demand

In case you already have a home in Lakeview, by the way, you might want to sell it now. The high demand on homes has sent prices up and you can be sure that so long as your home is in good condition it will fetch you good money.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell  NOLA real estate , Lakeview is definitely the way to go.

Flooding Causes Housing Shortage

With all of the Louisiana Flooding, the residents of the affected areas are in desperate need of housing.  With 11 people dead, 8,000 in shelters and upwards of 40,000 homes destroyed, the flooding in Louisiana has decimated thousands of lives.

Where Will Displaced People Live?

Anytime you have a massive flood event like what we have seen in Louisiana, when tens of thousands of people are displaced overnight, housing becomes an issue.  Many of the residents of Lafayette, Baton Rouge and other smaller cities in the general area are currently staying either in shelters or in hotels.  With the recent Federal Disaster Declaration, federal funds will become available for temporary housing, but that doesn’t do much for the immediate need for housing now.

Like Deja Vu?

Many of the same residents currently being affected by the flooding are the same people that went through having to relocate during Hurricane Katrina a little over 10 years ago.  In addition, many of the homes affected by the August floods, were just getting their homes back together from recently flooding in March of 2016.  As of now, Louisiana still has many people still in need of evacuating.

What Happens To Property Values?

After a major natural disaster of this magnitude, we generally see many “investors” flock in to attempt to purchase “flooded and gutted” homes at discount rates.  This is possible because when a homeowner gets compensated from their flood insurance policy, they generally have the funds to pay off the remainder of the home, thus allowing them to sell the home to an investor.  Once the investor rebuilds the property, the home values of the entire area go up, like they did after Hurricane Katrina.  The most notable of this type of real estate recovery was the subdivision of Lakeview in New Orleans.  As previously mentioned, after Hurricane Katrina, Lakeview homes for sale saw a resurgence in popularity as well as an increase in property value.  Lakeview has seen a total gentrification of the entire area since all of the homes were rebuilt.  Now, Lakeview has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Still Not Over

Although we are talking about how the property values will most likely increase in the flooded areas of Louisiana, this is of little comfort to those currently displaced.  It appears that with rain still in the forecast and the ground totally saturated and nowhere for any rain to runoff, the flooding problem in Louisiana could get worse before it gets better.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Schooling Guide

Getting Your Real Estate License

True estate instruction is necessary for the people today who want to turn out to be a prosperous true estate broker. It will help them to find out all about actual estate enterprise. True estate organization involves some time, some simple information of the organization and ability to accomplish all transactions. Genuine estate enterprise will be a single of the fantastic carriers for a tricky doing work man or woman. True estate schooling implies them all the methods to achieve their plans.  One of the first things you will need to do is pass your real estate exam.

License is the basic need to turn into a authentic estate agent. Even it is an essential factor to perform serious estate business enterprise. Serious estate World-wide-web is the finest choice to be a part of actual estate business enterprise. Some states provide on line schooling classes that will assist you to entire pre

license needs. Just before joining serious estate organization people today should really fulfill some pre-license requirements.  Then you will need to pass the real estate exam.  They ought to be of at least 19 yrs, be managed a proctored exam, have substantial faculty diploma or some equivalent to it, move a state test, have finished a minimum authorized training course.

Usually real estate training gives some tips to realize some  real estate fundamental principles. They can effortlessly learn about possession transfer, real estate regulation and math with the help of real estate coaching. They are taught how to offer to with actual estate transactions during their course. Authentic estate teaching allows them to have an understanding of the suggestions and methods of the real estate contracts. Men and women who want to sign up for some point out approved programs should have initial license.

Any one can be a productive authentic estate agent just after finishing real estate school. They can run a effective business enterprise only if they have terrific qualified behaviors, very good salesmanship and the enthusiasm to understand extra about genuine estate. Genuine estate enterprise involves good performing talent.

Persons can discover about genuine estate company with some associated books. They can also be part of some on-line courses that present info through Web. Today quite a few persons are building revenue in actual estate small business. Serious estate brokers really should be sort, well-informed, economical as effectively as trusted. They should really know the talent how to entice far more buyers. They can also just take some recommendation from the experienced serious estate brokers.

Real estate small business may perhaps be amazing small business but only thing that it demands serious estate teaching.

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The Difference Between Agents and Brokers

agents vs brokers

Just like everything else, real estate professionals come in all shapes, sizes, structures, and philosophies.  They may have ideas, strategies, and tactics that span from one end of the spectrum to the other.  But when you’re getting ready to hire someone to help you sell or buy what may potentially be the most valuable and expensive assets you’ll ever own, or to manage your real estate property management portfolio, it helps to understand some of the differences so you can make a good educated decision.  Although both agents and brokers can assist you with finding homes for sale, there are substantial differences between the two.

Agent vs. Brokers

To start from a simple perspective and work down, let’s compare the two basic types of real estate licenses… a real estate broker versus a real estate agent (sometimes also called a real estate salesperson).  Generally speaking, a real estate broker is an individual licensed by their state to negotiate a real estate transaction from start to finish, independently of anyone else.  A broker’s license is often the highest level of licensing one can obtain to transact real estate activity.  A broker can do just about anything, within the law, to acquire, contract, negotiate, and close any real estate purchase or selling transaction.

Difference Between Real Estate Agents and Brokers

agents vs brokersAs a real estate broker gets busier and busier, he or she might decide to hire real estate agents to assist him or her.  Real estate agents have a limited authority and are only licensed to act on behalf of an employing broker.  This means the sales agent may not be the highest person in your real estate chain of command.  A real estate broker can operate without any real estate agents, but real estate agents usually cannot operate without a real estate broker.  Sometimes, to make it easy to understand, I use an example of a doctor and a nurse.  Both professions are similar, but a nurse is almost always operating under the supervision of a doctor.  Both have different licenses, and both have different roles and responsibilities.  So if you ever experience difficulties with your agent (or nurse), you always have the supervising broker (or doctor) to go to for additional help.

The Relationship Between Real Estate Agents & Brokers

Many times buyers and/or sellers have a specific confusion when it comes to agent and broker relationships.  In the majority of sales or purchase transactions, a real estate agent may be the only person you ever see, the only person physically assisting you with your buying or selling transaction… but every agent will always have a supervising broker.  Clients just aren’t always aware there is a broker in the background providing supervision, advice, and the legal authority necessary for the agent to operate.  Now this doesn’t mean that a broker can’t do the same job as an agent; in fact, many times they do.  It’s just that there are more agents in the world than there are brokers, and depending on your particular state laws, a person usually has to work as an agent for a few years before they can get a broker’s license.

Different Types of Real Estate Brokers

Now, not to confuse matters worse, there are also two different positions a broker can fill within a real estate brokerage (or real estate company).   One is frequently referred to as a Managing Broker, and the other is referred to as an Associate Broker.  A Managing Broker is usually the person with the highest level of authority and is responsible for managing sales agents within their firm or brokerage.   A Managing Broker can employ both Sales Agents and Associate Brokers.  An Associate Broker, simply put, is a person holding a full broker’s license, but has chosen only to operate in the capacity of a sales agent.  An Associate Broker may have the exact same license as a Managing Broker (although in some states, the licenses may differ very slightly).  Associate Brokers just don’t bear the additional responsibility of supervision.  Just in the same way that a sales agent is acting as an extension of the managing broker, an associate broker is operating in the exact same capacity as a sales agent.

Different Types of Brokerage

Brokerages, or Real Estate Companies, are not all the same either.  Some brokers operate independently from large major firms, similar to how attorneys and doctors enter into “private practice”.  Other brokerages are comprised of one office, such as a mom-and-pop real estate office in your small hometown, while others may be regional or even national franchise firms.  Franchises, by nature, are not nation-wide companies.  They purchase the right to use a name, marketing materials and protocols.  Many times, franchises are usually small firms also.  Good examples of national real estate brokerage franchises are Weichert Realty, ReMax, or Century 21.  Be aware, in addition to real estate brokerages, there are also other types of companies who only specialize in advertising, lead generation, and promotion of others’ real estate companies.  Many people are often surprised to learn that companies like Zillow, RedFin, and Trulia are not real estate companies at all… they are, in a nutshell, advertising agencies who use data pulled from real estate multiple listing services (MLS’s) to spread the word about other company listings in exchange for marketing and advertising fees.

What the Hell?

Why would anyone choose to be an associate broker?  That’s a good question with many possible reasons, but it probably comes down to the associate broker simply not wanting to supervise or run business operations of the brokerage.  Maybe they got their broker’s license simply for personal achievement and never actually stepped into a management role.  Maybe they did work as a managing broker and just didn’t like it.  But the way real estate licenses work, you only move up, not down.  It’s a one-way street of sorts.  So in the event that someone gets a broker’s license, but doesn’t prefer the management role, they may choose to become an associate broker.  Real estate licenses don’t revert back down from broker to agent.  Once a broker, always a broker… but it’s up to the individual to decide what role they want to fill.

So in summary, it helps to know if the person sitting across from you (or next to you) at the negotiating table is a broker or an agent.  For more information on the differences between agents and brokers, please contact us at any time.