Flooding Causes Housing Shortage

With all of the Louisiana Flooding, the residents of the affected areas are in desperate need of housing.  With 11 people dead, 8,000 in shelters and upwards of 40,000 homes destroyed, the flooding in Louisiana has decimated thousands of lives.

Where Will Displaced People Live?

Anytime you have a massive flood event like what we have seen in Louisiana, when tens of thousands of people are displaced overnight, housing becomes an issue.  Many of the residents of Lafayette, Baton Rouge and other smaller cities in the general area are currently staying either in shelters or in hotels.  With the recent Federal Disaster Declaration, federal funds will become available for temporary housing, but that doesn’t do much for the immediate need for housing now.

Like Deja Vu?

Many of the same residents currently being affected by the flooding are the same people that went through having to relocate during Hurricane Katrina a little over 10 years ago.  In addition, many of the homes affected by the August floods, were just getting their homes back together from recently flooding in March of 2016.  As of now, Louisiana still has many people still in need of evacuating.

What Happens To Property Values?

After a major natural disaster of this magnitude, we generally see many “investors” flock in to attempt to purchase “flooded and gutted” homes at discount rates.  This is possible because when a homeowner gets compensated from their flood insurance policy, they generally have the funds to pay off the remainder of the home, thus allowing them to sell the home to an investor.  Once the investor rebuilds the property, the home values of the entire area go up, like they did after Hurricane Katrina.  The most notable of this type of real estate recovery was the subdivision of Lakeview in New Orleans.  As previously mentioned, after Hurricane Katrina, Lakeview homes for sale saw a resurgence in popularity as well as an increase in property value.  Lakeview has seen a total gentrification of the entire area since all of the homes were rebuilt.  Now, Lakeview has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the country.

Still Not Over

Although we are talking about how the property values will most likely increase in the flooded areas of Louisiana, this is of little comfort to those currently displaced.  It appears that with rain still in the forecast and the ground totally saturated and nowhere for any rain to runoff, the flooding problem in Louisiana could get worse before it gets better.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Schooling Guide

Getting Your Real Estate License

True estate instruction is necessary for the people today who want to turn out to be a prosperous true estate broker. It will help them to find out all about actual estate enterprise. True estate organization involves some time, some simple information of the organization and ability to accomplish all transactions. Genuine estate enterprise will be a single of the fantastic carriers for a tricky doing work man or woman. True estate schooling implies them all the methods to achieve their plans.  One of the first things you will need to do is pass your real estate exam.

License is the basic need to turn into a authentic estate agent. Even it is an essential factor to perform serious estate business enterprise. Serious estate World-wide-web is the finest choice to be a part of actual estate business enterprise. Some states provide on line schooling classes that will assist you to entire pre

license needs. Just before joining serious estate organization people today should really fulfill some pre-license requirements.  Then you will need to pass the real estate exam.  They ought to be of at least 19 yrs, be managed a proctored exam, have substantial faculty diploma or some equivalent to it, move a state test, have finished a minimum authorized training course.

Usually real estate training gives some tips to realize some  real estate fundamental principles. They can effortlessly learn about possession transfer, real estate regulation and math with the help of real estate coaching. They are taught how to offer to with actual estate transactions during their course. Authentic estate teaching allows them to have an understanding of the suggestions and methods of the real estate contracts. Men and women who want to sign up for some point out approved programs should have initial license.

Any one can be a productive authentic estate agent just after finishing real estate school. They can run a effective business enterprise only if they have terrific qualified behaviors, very good salesmanship and the enthusiasm to understand extra about genuine estate. Genuine estate enterprise involves good performing talent.

Persons can discover about genuine estate company with some associated books. They can also be part of some on-line courses that present info through Web. Today quite a few persons are building revenue in actual estate small business. Serious estate brokers really should be sort, well-informed, economical as effectively as trusted. They should really know the talent how to entice far more buyers. They can also just take some recommendation from the experienced serious estate brokers.

Real estate small business may perhaps be amazing small business but only thing that it demands serious estate teaching.

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Facebook Advertising Demographics

FAcebook advertising

How powerful would it be to see the demographics and usage history of the second most traveled to website on planet earth? Well…You can. Facebook is the second most visited site in the world only behind Google. Those web statistics come from Alexa.

More Audience Attributes Than You Can Shake A Stick At

facebook purchase behaviorBecause Facebook was not created as community service, they have a business plan. That business plan is centralized around selling ads to the bazillions of users that live their life out on the social network. To make the ads as effective as possible, they provide a tremendous amount of user data in an effort to let the advertiser hyper target their exact audience. This data includes the stuff you would expect like location, age, what you “like”, Who clicks on ads, who you “follow” What time they click on ads and who you are “friends” with. They augment that basic info with a ton more. If you are advertising on Facebook, you can create an audience (to see your ad on their Facebook News Feed) that includes user information such as:

  • If they are thinking about moving
  • If they are looking for a new car
  • How much money they make yearly
  • What their net worth is
  • If and what charitable donations they make
  • What type of job they have
  • What online products they buy and how often
  • How many open lines of credit they have
  • What level of education they have
  • Relationship status such as recently married, recently divorced
  • How long they have lived at a certain location and if they are thinking about moving
  • Their homes value
  • If they rent or own their home
  • Do they have children
  • Are they expecting a child
  • Age of their children
  • Political affiliations
  • Have they started a new job
  • What type of media they consume and in what verticals
  • And a lot more!

What are the General Demographics of Facebook Users?

facebook Household income

Facebook allows advertisers to see all of the attributes of their users as a whole too. For instance:

  • 54% of the users on Facebook are Women
  • 48% of Facebook users are married
  • 32% of Facebook users are single
  • 17% of Facebok users are in a relationship
  • 62% of Facebook users have graduated college
  • 30% of Facebook users have high school listed as their highest education
  • The highest employment group on Facebook is Arts, Entertainment, Sports and Media at 17%
  • The average Facebook user has liked 19 pages
  • The average Facebook user has clicked on 11 Ads in the past 30 days
  • The average Facebook user has commented 7 times in the past 30 days
  • 45% of Facebook users only log on via mobile
  • 10% of Facebook users only log in on desktop
  • The highest income demographic for Facebook users is $50-$75,000 at 30%
  • 72% of Facebook users own their home
  • 25% of Facebook users only have 1 person in their household
  • 9% of Facebook users have 6 people living in their household
  • 58% of Facebook users use a credit card as their spending method
  • 74% of the above mentioned credit card users use Gas/Store credit cards

Facebook Advertising

facebook looking for a vehicalAt the end of the day, you can target just about anyone you can think of to run your Facebook ad in front of.  The trick to effective Facebook Advertising is not only targeting your audience, but delivering a quality landing page for the user to land on.

Facebook Advertising can be an extremely effective way to get your brand in front of your exact audience.



The Difference Between SEO and Digital Marketing

DIgital Marketing and SEO
DIgital Marketing and SEO

We are asked all the time:  What is the difference between SEO and Digital Marketing?  Truthfully, that is not an easy answer to give.  The definitions of SEO and Digital Marketing change on a regular basis, which makes defining the difference not an easy task.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Historically SEO meant to have your website rank well in Google and other search engines for keywords that are important for your business.  For instance, if you own a car dealership that sell brand new Fords, you would want your website to be found for search terms such as “buy a new ford” or “ford cars for sale”.   If your website were to rank well for those search terms, upon end users putting those terms in Google or other search engines, your site would come up, thus you would get that traffic.  Historically that was all an SEO Company did.

How is SEO Done?

SEO is completed in a variety of ways.  There are many ways SEO techniques used to drive traffic.  To cover a few, a good SEO company will look over your websites structure to insure that it is Search Engine friendly.  Another common technique is to create back-links to your website using specific anchor tags.  Onsite SEO is where the specific webpage or blog post is optimized for Search Engine Optimization.  For instance, they may use specific keywords, use best practices for headers and create topic specific meta titles and meta descriptions.  Needless to say, SEO can become very complicated and this is only covering some of the most basic techniques.

Evolution of SEO

As previously stated, SEO was initially simply driving the traffic to your website.  Over time, SEO’s have expanded their skill-set to include:

Conversion Optimization

Tweaking the website to entice the end user to convert.  This may be to give their personal information, buy something or whatever the goal of the site is.

Content Marketing

Creating new and fresh content that attracts new users to the site.  This may be a new webpage, blog, whitepaper or product review.

Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media Platforms to generate traffic.  This may be done in the form of paid advertising or posting of unique content.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Using Google Ad Words or another Pay Per Click campaign to drive paid traffic to the website.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the holistic marketing process of being online.  Here is Wiki’s definition of Digital Marketing.  Digital Marketing encompasses everything mentioned above but could ad additional marketing techniques such as:

Search Engine Optimization

see above

Search Engine Marketing

see above

Content Marketing

see above

Influencer Marketing

Having a major influencer refer to your website or blog on their website, blog or social media

Content Automation

Just what it sounds like.  Having content automatically generated

Campaign Marketing

Using a variety of marketing channels for one specific purpose such as selling a specific product

e-commerce Marketing

The marketing of an e-commerce site.

Social Media Marketing

See above

e-mail Direct Marketing

Using mass e-mails to drive traffic and sales

Display Advertising

Running advertising campaigns on peripheral websites that would contain your customer base


Content creation of a downloadable book that sells your product or service

and any marketing that my utilize other forms of digital media

So Whats the Difference Already?

Well, if you were to go by the historical definition of what SEO is, you could say that SEO is one part of Digital Marketing.  The truth is, if you speak to many SEO Companies today, you will quickly find that they perform most of the tasks laid out under Digital Marketing.  Since SEO is an ever-changing and pretty technical industry, any SEO firm that has been around for a while has had to adapt and change.  They may have started specifically in SEO buy as the world changed so did they.  Although most SEO businesses may market themselves as an SEO company, they will be able to provide a variety of Digital Marketing Services.  The real question is where is there strong suite?  Just because someone claims to be able to run social media campaigns doesn’t mean they have a lot of experience in that field.

In Conclusion

With technology advancing at lightning rates, for any SEO company to survive requires them to be proficient in converting users on the website and a variety of ways to get people to the website.  Simply having someone rank well for certain keywords doesn’t put money in their clients pockets—-having people buy their goods or services does.  In many instances, their target customer may be more apt to be on social media or more willing to click on an e-mail campaign.  In today’s word, and SEO Company should provide the same services as a Digital Marketing Company.  What you will find is that they may still market themselves as a Search Engine Optimization company specifically because those keywords attract more customers!