New Orleans Bathroom Updates For A Quick Sale

Keep it Affordable

Fixing up a tired bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank.  Homes in the Lakeview Area of New Orleans, LA quite often have tight space, but lots of character.  It is a city of color palettes, so do not fear bringing those bright colors into the bathroom area when you are ready to sell your home. Buyers will take notice of an updated bathroom.

A little paint, updated fixtures, smart storage solutions and wall treatments can go a long way.  Add some character to mirrors and windows at an affordable price to get the most bang for your buck.


Many will use accessories to add color and pop to a small space, the bathroom should be no different.  Consider using mirror features on a
medicine cabinet, and wall outlets for that luxe look.

Oiled rubbed bronze finishes are very popular in homes now, and many accessories are available in this finish.  It gives an elegant, sometimes even industrial look to any space.  You can use stand alone items in many finishes such as towel racks, toilet paper holders and toothbrush holders to decorate your vanity.

Update the Counter Top’s

Many of the Lakeview Homes have laminate or tiled countertops.  Some are already colorful, some need updating.  If faced with a dull countertop, consider adding a stone slab, or terra cotta tiles.  When working in a small sized bathroom, it will not be overly expensive for a piece of granite, or faux granite to cover the counter top.  Using a material with flecks of gold and/or silver will add sparkle.  Remember, in New Orleans Homes there is no need to fear “color”.

Refurbish an Old Tub or Shower

Many outdated tubs and showers can now be fitted with overlays.  These is done by a professional, and when installed properly will not leak.  When working with tubs and shower overlays, white or cream is the way to go. Older tubs can also be glazed over by a professional, but that is a more expensive process.

If you decide to tile over an existing tub or shower, remember you can use colorful tiles to update the space.  A good DIYer can install tiles on their own to keep the cost down.  Always use caulk at the joints and seams to resist any water leaking against the walls.

Flooring & Walls

When working with wood floors, consider painting them a glossy porch paint to match your bathrooms color scheme.  If you plan to bust up existing tile and replacing with new tiles, using smaller blocks will make a small bathroom feel bigger.  There are also many varieties of laminate flooring made to look like wood planks, ceramic tiles and smooth services to choose from.  Laminate is a cost effective and durable choice in flooring.

orangewallWalls are an easy update with color.  Remember, New Orleans is famous for brightly colored walls.  Orange is the new black, and considered a neutral now, so be daring and freshen up the tired old walls with color.

Let The Light In

Most Lakeview Homes come with bathrooms that have operable windows. Use this as another place to add color with handmade roman shades, or painted plantation shutters.  You can install louvered interior shutters to provide privacy and direct streams of sunlight.  If the window sills are worn, touch them up with a fresh coat of paint.  Maintain the ability to open and close the windows, as small spaces need fresh air.

Another lighting option is to hang a small chandelier over the bath tub orchandelier center of the room.  Make sure you have GFCI’s installed, and use a licensed electrician for any electrical updates you decide to go with.

If Short on Space

barnslidingdoorIf space does not allow for a hinged door, install a sliding type barn door. These space savers are easy to install and slide on a wall-mount track system.

You can save valuable real estate by rolling towels and placing them in open cabinets under your sink, or in a basket near the tub. Keep your color scheme all the way through with your linens.