Staging In Home Sales

Staging In Home Sales

The Importance of Staging in Home Sales

To Stage or Not to Stage

One of the most important things you can do when you put your home on the market is to make sure that it looks welcoming to prospective buyers. They should be able to see their own family living in the home and envision where they will put their own belongings as they move throughout the home.

By removing most of your personal items this will happen a little easier. Once your things are packed, stored or tucked out of site it’s time to decide what to display and what to leave to set the scene for the sale. Staging for a home sale goes beyond just repairing and refacing the things that need to be taken care of. It helps your home look the best it can.


What exactly is staging

The act of staging is decorating and arranging furniture and other pieces to show off the strengths of the home. Your real estate agent will be quick to point out that it’s important to stop thinking about your house as your house and remember it’s more important to let someone else decide that it will be a nice home for their own family. The biggest rooms that are important to stage well are the living room, master bedroom, kitchen and dining room. Entryways are important to give the people looking to buy a home the best first impression.


Why is it important to stage a home?

Staging can help you get the most money for your home. Not all sellers stage, and you certainly don’t have to, but it can make a difference and help your home look its best. By putting specific pieces of furniture in specific spots and clearing out unneeded items it can make a smaller space look large.

When you stand to make a significant amount of money from a home sale you want to make sure that you come away with the absolute top dollar. Look at each room of the home one by one and note the positive features that you must play up. Simply decluttering can go a long way in letting a prospective buyer see the home as a new home for them instead of as your old home.


Is it necessary to hire a professional to do the job?

It’s possible to do the staging of the home on your own but hiring a professional will be able to see your home with a new point of view. Be prepared to hear some of your belongings are a little outdated, too tired or worn, and that a more thorough cleaning is needed even if you feel the job is more than adequate.

If you decide to do the job on your own and you’re on a limited budget there are still some places that will give you some big bang for your buck. That important entryway might nab a potential buyer right from the beginning. Set out an eye-catching welcome mat, a potted plant or a small bistro set if there’s room to show how comfortable the space can be.

Some of the little things that can be done and may pay off in the interior include repainting a room or two that could stand to be refreshed. By using light colors, you can make a smaller room look bigger and brighter. Lighting is also very important to make the home appear bright and inviting. Utilize centerpieces on tables.


Curb Appeal

Begin home staging from the outside in. Landscaping should be clean and fresh. General cleanliness is going to be important here too. Wipe down the front door and kick plate. Clean out any leaves or debris that have blown on the step. Check for spider webs in the corners and crannies of the porch or step. Potential buyers will spend a few minutes out on the front porch while the Realtor unlocks the door. Keep any shrubs or other landscape greenery pruned and


Little Improvements Go a Long Way

From the smallest items like light switches and trim, make sure everything is wiped down and clean. Counters, bathrooms, corners and cupboards should all be cleaned. Personal pictures and beloved items may not be as interesting to someone else as they are to you.

Replace family photos with artwork and decorative pieces. Use candles, book and other items to fill spaces. Put out clean linens in the bathrooms. Find coordinating towels and washcloths and display them in a pleasing arrangement. Not everyone loves pets. Put away bowls, dishes and toys that belong to your pet when it’s time to show your home. Mirrors are a designer’s best secret. Use them to make spaces look brighter and open.


Staging sounds like a lot of work and it is. But if it helps you make a decent profit when you sell a home there will be no question whether it was worth it.